discover your
skin’s true
and beauty

discover your
skin’s true
and beauty



Your facial begins with a personalized skin analysis to customize treatments that will help you achieve and maintain a youthful, healthy appearance. Facials include cleansing, skin exfoliation, serum, massage, and a finishing mask.

Corrective Treatments

Our skin corrective facials are designed for your skin type to improve, firm, hydrate, brighten and smooth your skin, giving you a healthy, radiant glow.


The Norma’s Touch process will balance hydration, reduce inflammation and improve skin problems such as blemishes, rough texture, dull complexion, sensitivities, and brown spots.


The best way to quickly revitalize and improve the overall tone of your skin, our custom peels are formulated for your unique goals and skin type.


Younger, healthier looking skin and cleaner shaves with smoother skin are just a few of the benefits of a consistent facial routine for men.

hair removal

Leave your skin smooth and exfoliated with gentle techniques for removing unwanted hair without the painful side effects of lasers.


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I want to thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience working with my skin. I have to admit, at first I was scared to trust you and try different products, but I was wrong. My skin changed so much over the summer and I know it will only continue to get better. You have been such an inspiration to me.


I am devoted to your incredible facials forever and I also love the skin peels that you’ve done. I always see a remarkable difference with every peel. They’ve smoothed out my skin and cleaned up all the remnants of my former problems. They’re my favorite thing to treat myself to.


I want to let you know how much I respect your vast knowledge of skin and the care you take with each client. It was so nice to find someone who actually took the time and cared enough to search out the best professional products to help my individual problems. That personal touch is so rare these days and I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated.


You saved me. After a light chemical peel went horribly wrong at another spa, you literally healed me. Without your therapeutic touch I would have had permanent scars. In addition, you make every skin treatment a special experience. There is no other spa for me!


I have been a monthly client of Norma’s Touch for over 23 years. Norma does not have a standard 'menu' of services that she utilizes for her skin care treatments, but rather, she takes the time to understand what my skin requires each visit. She tailors my facials to the needs of my skin at the time, so my facials are different each appointment. Norma is knowledgeable regarding the latest skin care techniques and is constantly seeking improvements in her services to provide the best results possible for each client.

Gaye Lynn

Norma takes time to explain the procedures and products she selected for each facial. I leave her spa with glowing skin, and I’m asked many times how I manage to have such beautiful skin. My secret is monthly facials with Norma and following her skincare regime. We all want younger looking skin without surgery or medical procedures, and Norma’s Touch gives me amazing results.


I have been a client of Norma’s Touch for the past 4 years. I had acne that left me with scars and with the help of Norma my skin has been doing wonderful. Norma brought me from the bottom all the way to the top. I didn’t like my face in the past, but with Norma’s help I am looking and feeling gorgeous. Friends and strangers compliment me on how beautiful my skin is. Norma’s Touch is the best skincare in Houston.


I travel a lot and have been all over the globe and visited many spa establishments, but nothing compares to Norma’s Touch. Every time I leave Norma’s Touch my skin automatically has a gorgeous glow. My pores are significantly smaller and by the next day my skin is 100% flawless. Norma analyzes your skin in detail giving you her full expertise on skincare. I continually receive compliments on my skin and I have Norma to thank for that.


I LOVE Norma, she is a women who knows her skin business and passes along her knowledge to her clients. I am a teacher on a limited budget, but I WILL find the money to get my facials. My skin looks and feels GREAT, and is looking younger every time I visit Norma’s Touch. I feel that Norma is taking care of me and not her finances when I go to her.She is educating me on great skin care and not trying to "sell" me stuff I do not need. I will return to Norma forever, she knows her skin, she is very personable and extremely welcoming.


I saw Norma weekly 15 years ago for preventative care, when I was very young and had no skin issues. I now live abroad in Germany and Dubai and have had skincare by specialists as far as the Far East. While visiting a Houston area friend I am always sure to make an appointment to see Norma to correct my skin problems resulting from pregnancy. The menus at other salons don’t help you decide what YOU need, but at Norma’s Touch she selects what YOUR skin needs.


I have been a regular client at Norma's Touch in Houston for over 6 years. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with soft music and beautifully decorated treatment rooms. The treatment options are endless. My skin has never looked better, even after trying the more well known spas in town. Norma, the owner, evaluated my skin and devised a plan for me while taking into consideration my goals and my budget. The entire experience at Norma's Touch is soothing, relaxing and when you leave after a treatment you have a lasting glow. Her all natural product line, mostly European, is very extensive.


I have aromatherapy facials regularly and occasionally more intensive treatments that include microdermabrasion, peels, and targeted specialty treatments. The waxing services are great, and my eyebrows are beautiful after waxing with Norma. I have met clients who have been with Norma for over 20 years and they look radiant. Her skills and professionalism are evident. She continually researches the newest advances in preventative skincare and takes classes to keep up with this ever changing industry. As a woman in my 50's concerned with aging skin, I feel fortunate to have found Norma’s Touch to help keep my skin looking firmer and younger.


Norma's Touch is a great place to relax and have a facial, peal or other skin care treatment. I've been twice, once for a facial and microdermabrasion and once for a skincare emergency. Both times Norma was very attentive to my needs and when I had my little skincareemergency she called me back right away to help me find a solution. I found that she really listened to what I wanted as far as results and personalized my treatment to give me those results. She specializes only in skincare treatments so unlike salons where they do everything, you will get very personal treatment here.


I came to Norma’s Touch feeling frustrated about my experiences with other so-called top spas in Houston, and I will never look back. Norma is a true professional who forgoes the cookie-cutter facials in lieu of a custom treatment, tailored specifically for each customer's unique skincare needs and requirements. More than a static facial, she will educate you on what she is using on your skin and why she is doing it.


My first visit to Norma's Touch was in 2003 and my last visit was 3 weeks ago. She knows exactly what to do to help my skin bounce back every time, regardless of what it's going through. Norma is the best and I wouldn't let anyone else touch my face.


I was concerned for my skin but no more after going to Norma who really knows her stuff in anti-aging and skin microdermabrasion, facials and deep pore cleansing. I feel fabulous!


I have to say that Norma's Touch made me feel like a million bucks. I had the works and felt and looked good for months. Norma customizes her facials to your needs and I had a great experience.


My mother went to Norma's Touch and was very happy with the results. Her skin looked great for months and she has told all her friends to go to Norma for anti-aging skin microdermabrasion and customized facials.


I have used Norma's Touch for a variety of anti-aging and skin care treatments — and they have provided me with consistently attentive, and highly professional service. I would not go to anyone else.


I'm considered a spa aficionado and have visited at least 100 day, resort, and hotel spas over the past 8 years. Don’t judge, it's my business to know where I can find the best of everything spa. After hundreds of facials I can honestly say that Norma gives the best. It's just a one woman skin care, but she has been in the business for 30 years and knows exactly what my skin needs each time I see her. Her prices are more reasonable than the average day spa so I like that too because I can visit more often.

Amy M

Norma worked with my budget and was extremely helpful. She always called me and emailed me back right away when I had any questions. I had a lot of acne scars and now they are barely noticeable, no regrets going to Norma’s Touch.


Norma's Touch is the best for anti-aging skin microdermabrasion and customized facials. Very professional and understanding — I'll always go to Norma’s.


I’ve been going to Norma’s Touch for several years now. My wife set me up the first time and I was so pleased with the results I continue to come back on a monthly basis. Norma is extremely knowledgeable and she analyzes my skin every session before she starts. Based on what she sees she customizes my facial based on my skin at that time. She always asks me what my plans are for the next few weeks so she uses the appropriate product for what activities I will be involved in. The products she provides are great, but I have to hide them from my wife because she loves them too. Norma is very friendly and always makes me feel comfortable.


As a “natural” woman who didn’t care too much about her skin, I was astonished to hear what Norma had to say about my skin. With a little bit of help from a fantastic facial and a lot of good advice from Norma, my skin has gone from old prune to looking ten years younger. I am a happy woman!

Laurie E